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Guardian Pro is a new generation antimicrobial that delivers high performance, broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-fungal, mould and odour protection on surfaces to which they are either applied or infused. They are widely recognized as one of the worlds most advanced non-volatile, surface bonded antimicrobial, safe for people, plants, pets and the environment 

Guardian Pro Pet Protect

is a safe, simple to apply, broad-spectrum antibacterial spray for use on all upholstery, bedding, and hard surfaces. 

Using advanced Q-Loc technology, 

Pet Protect deactivates microbes on  contact and forms a durable, long 

lasting barrier against germs and 

odor-causing bacteria.

Available sizes: 500ml

Scents: Natural, Sandalwood

Effective for:14 days (minimum)


Guardian Pro Flora Protect

is a safe, simple to apply, broad-spectrum antibacterial spray specially formulated for harsh outdoor, garden and greenhouse conditions. Using advanced Q-Loc technology, it forms a durable, lasting barrier against bacteria, mould, and algae.

Providing unrivaled performance over 

toxic chemical alternatives, it is suitable 

for use in all hydroponic & conventional 

garden & farming environments.

Available sizes: 500ml, 20L

Scents: Natural

Effective for:30 days (minimum)

Guardian Pro Multi Protect

is a safe, 

simple to apply, broad-spectrum antibacterial spray that is suitable for the most demanding environments. 

Using advanced Q-Loc technology, it 

forms a durable, long-lasting barrier 

against mould, mildew, germs and 

odour-causing bacteria.

Providing superior performance, the 

eco-friendly formulation won't damage 

synthetic or natural fibres even when 

applied regularly. 

Available sizes: 500ml, 20L

Scents: Natural, Sandalwood

Effective for:30 days (minimum)


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